My face was not made to make you feel comfortable. Stop telling me to smile. This is my fucking face. Deal with it.

What pisses me off the most about Raven is that as a young AFRICAN AMERICAN girl, me and so many other girls looked up to her as she was the only black girl on Disney with a leading role. I tuned in every single Friday night just to watch a new episode of That’s So Raven. 

It’s so much deeper than your own personal feelings. Yes we all would like to live in a world where race doesn’t matter but sorry not sorry it does matter. You represent BLACK people but more importantly black girls of AFRICAN descent. It’s not all about you and your inability to accept reality. Sorry but black people don’t get the privilege of just being American. If we did, there would be no Ferguson. 

No black person whether rich or poor famous or not gets to just be “American.”

Being black is not something you can hide or declare your independence from. And not knowing which African country your family came from does not exempt you from your blackness ESPECIALLY when you HAVE the money to trace your lineage. Raven and Pharrell can miss me with this “new black” shit.

My queen-ness has no exceptions. You don’t have the right to strip me of the title “queen” because you don’t agree with my lifestyle. If I wear my natural hair or a weave I’m still a queen. If I go to college or not I’m still a queen. If I wear makeup or not I’m still a queen. If I wear clothes that cover me or show my form I’m still a queen. If I decide to have sex or stay a virgin until marriage I’m still a queen. Fuck whoever don’t feel me.

Fucking white people
- Me When I See Dumbass Shit A White Person Has Said/Done

Forreal forreal I be flipping through vogue and other fashion mags like damn that shit looks nice but then there’s no representation of me anywhere. No big girls, no black women, and definitely no natural hair.

Representation matters even for black people who are grown.

People are hacking women’s phones and leaking their private nudes but the police aren’t involved in any way. Please explain this to me.

If you’re posting or reposting anyone’s leaked nudes, you’re an asshole and I don’t fuck with you. It’s an invasion of privacy no matter how “good” or “bad” they look.

Can I just say K.R.I.T is snapping on his new shit?

It should be noted that Helen Kane sued the creators of Betty Boop for “stealing her style.” Mind you her style was completely ripped from Baby Esther. What really has changed though?  White entertainers styling black culture and acting like they created it.

Even if the protests started off violent, who gives a shit? Black people are fucking fed up of the police taking advantage of their lives and getting away with murder. The oppressed are ANGRY and we are not to blame.

Regardless to if we’re peaceful or “violent.” Fucking white people should expect way worse with all we’ve been through. 

Everyone wants to shame Lil Kim for all of her cosmetic surgeries but no one wants to go deep into the root of the problem. It is not normal for a person to disfigure themselves in the way that she has. Maybe if you all would stop making jokes you would realize shes a woman who obviously needs help and has been through a lot of shit. But people want to act oblivious to the cries of black women.

But it’s whatever because you know BIG is respected while Kim is the moral-less hoe.

A woman who goes the extra mile to make her man happy is “wifey material”, but a man who does the same is “whipped”.

My body is mine and mine only.

I don’t like telling people that I’m abstinent and in a serious relationship because they just assume that my boyfriend is “whipped.” Because he chooses to honor my wishes about MY body. Two years ago I told him that I didn’t plan on having sex with anyone until I was married and he accepted it. He knew what he was getting into from the beginning of our relationship. I’m not “leading him on.” My body is for me and I shouldn’t be pressured by anyone to sacrifice my feelings for the “masculinity” of my boyfriend.

It’s a mutual decision. I’m not forcing him into anything he doesn’t want to do. I owe him nothing. My sexuality is mine and no one else’s.

From now on when people ask me, I’m going to tell them to fuck off because it’s literally none of their business.

I thought I’d always be theelextricrelaxation but I don’t know. I think it’s time for change. I have a whole new outlook on life than I did when I joined tumblr.