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I’m sitting outside listening to a middle schooled girl talk to her friend and when offered skittles she said “I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet.” Her friend asked why and she said “because I’m fat.” Her friend asked who called her that and she named some boys in her class. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

The sad thing is there are thousands of little girls who feel that way.

Simply out of this world by choice.

The world is too much for the soul to enjoy.

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Black adults be acting like black people never said nigga until hip-hop.

Like black folks weren’t saying nigga in the 60s.

Nothing is new under the sun.

I’m going to make a summer mixtape for all the hip-hop heads out there.

When people tell me to smile

Stop telling me to smile….this is my fucking face. Get over it.

And it’s always men who tell me this shit.

I will literally slay anyone who tries to compare the Black Panthers to the KKK.

Can you sleep between my thighs and wake up deeply in my heart?

heavenly father, why are you so far away?

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I’m not here for black people who think they know but don’t. The ones who think everyone is equal and that this world is a big fantasy and white privilege doesn’t exist. The ones who think that if you talk a certain way, dress a certain way,be a certain way, you’ll be accepted. The ones that dick ride white people for some type of imaginary approval. The “we all bleed red” bitches. The one’s who take pride in “not being like other black people.” The black men who date white women because they’re somehow better than black women. The black men who degrade black women and the black women who degrade black men. Black people that shit on other black people.






Do some people actually not use washcloths to clean?

That’s like putting soap in your toilet and letting it sit there expecting it to be clean lmao.

The thing is I expect white people to be ignorant towards Muslims, but it hurts the most when your own brothers and sisters disrespect you out of ignorance.

I think my worse experience as a Muslim with an all Christian family is that at funerals pastors tend to use the service as an opportunity to demean me and my beliefs.

The worse part is they would outright call out Muslims and my Christian family would say nothing about it.

I guess they would see Muhammad somewhere on the obituary and feel offended that a Muslim would enter their oh so holy churches.

I swear yall wouldn’t understand the shit that Black Muslims get.

And a lot of it is coming from your own people.

So my boyfriend wrote a research paper about racial bias in the media. and his teacher wrote this:

Very interesting facts. Though I don’t believe all Muslims or Middle Easterners are terrorist, I do get concerned when I see one, especially a male, on a plane (though females can be just as ruthless). My opinion is based on how the media has represented them and now it has become an innate fear just as other groups have an innate fear of some minority groups. I did not know the numbers with regard to terrorist attacks so that is something new that I have learned.

Mind you my boyfriend is Muslim and his name is clearly Muslim.

His teacher is a black woman.