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A woman who goes the extra mile to make her man happy is “wifey material”, but a man who does the same is “whipped”.

My body is mine and mine only.

I don’t like telling people that I’m abstinent and in a serious relationship because they just assume that my boyfriend is “whipped.” Because he chooses to honor my wishes about MY body. Two years ago I told him that I didn’t plan on having sex with anyone until I was married and he accepted it. He knew what he was getting into from the beginning of our relationship. I’m not “leading him on.” My body is for me and I shouldn’t be pressured by anyone to sacrifice my feelings for the “masculinity” of my boyfriend.

It’s a mutual decision. I’m not forcing him into anything he doesn’t want to do. I owe him nothing. My sexuality is mine and no one else’s.

From now on when people ask me, I’m going to tell them to fuck off because it’s literally none of their business.

I thought I’d always be theelextricrelaxation but I don’t know. I think it’s time for change. I have a whole new outlook on life than I did when I joined tumblr.

So today I’m at work with my headwrap/turban tied as usual:

and this white guy tells me “Nice durag!!”


When you have get togethers or parties and such  please keep in mind that not everyone eats meat. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a party and only getting soda because everything has meat.

We don’t expect you to make full course vegan/vegetarian meals but a little thoughtfulness can go a long way.

Oprah is the only celebrity who can have a magazine with herself on the front cover of every issue without seeming conceited.

I am so hurt right now. Maya Angelou was one of many women who inspired me throughout my life. May she rest in peace.

Boondocks just isn’t funny these days.s

White people can’t really say they make “Hip-Hop”….It was born out of the oppression of black people. So while there are good white rappers they’ll never technically be “Hip-Hop.”

If you look at the history of Hip-Hop that is.

But I don’t know I could be overthinking it.

Because technically all popular music genres were built out of black oppression. 

You don’t have to rap on Dilla beats to be Hip-Hop.

I hate when people discredit Southern and Gangsta Hip-Hop. I mean Hip-Hop was born out of oppression. Not every black person’s experiences with oppression is the same. Rappers in the south dealt with different shit than rappers in New York. And the same for L.A. Gangsta rap.

Who is anyone to say that their experiences don’t qualify as Hip-Hop.

I have to see Isaiah Rashad in concert before the summer ends.







In all honesty if Jay had of hit her back there’s nothing that anyone could say. I’m not saying he had to use his strength over her but theres nothing wrong with defending yourself.

I feel bad for Beyonce, Jay, & Solange because they’ve done such a good job keeping their personal life out of the media and not being involved with scandals.

I don’t know what the fuck provoked the fight but I commend Jay for not being an asshole and using his strength against Solange.